One month down--Apartment Tour, Part Two!

Whee!! You've all seen where I cook and live, now let's take a look at where I wash and sleep...

Because there didn't seem to be a natural fit for where to put these guys, here are some quick photos of my entryway. 


Not much to write home about, I know, but I've loved my Anthropologie key hook since my first apartment. (Gloria and Jay on "Modern Family" have the same one, naturally.) The tiny pumpkin is a sentimental fave from tiny Liz's childhood Halloweens! The chalkboard-esque wood print was a gift from my mom. I made the cork "pin-board" over the summer of 2013, and it is the easiest Pinterest project ever! It's a yardstick, with wine corks hot-glued onto the entire length. For ease of hanging, I glued a champagne cork to the top and tied a pretty ribbon around it. The whole thing took about 15 minutes start to finish, and about ten of those were spent arranging and re-arranging the corks for maximum cuteness and wine-stained edge appeal. (It's hanging next to my laundry closet now, and I think I can safely spare the world a glimpse at that glamour. Ha.)

This is my bathroom! A few exciting items of note: 

I've already shared the story of my insanely cheap Anthropologie shower curtain, and I love it in action just as much as I hoped I would. The tassels and colors are girly, and it's fun without being overpowering in the small space. 

I have a rainfall showerhead! It's one of the most random things to get excited about, but I'm so excited about it nonetheless. I don't know why, but it just feels so luxe to have it.

One doesn't immediately think "art" when one thinks of a bathroom, but I'm really pleased with how these pieces look in here. The "Giggle" photo montage above the towel rack was a gift from my sister Em, and the three canvases used to hang in my parents' bathroom (but obviously look way better in mine!). They've got three sweet inspirational sayings on them, and I love how they coordinate with the cool purple and marine blue of my towels. 

Kaitlin got me addicted to these Mistral soaps with a feel-better gift this May. They smell heavenly, but I'm just as in love with the packaging. In five scents and patterns, I had no excuse not to collect them all...even though Apple Blossom is the undisputed best scent. I also keep my two current perfumes (Tocca Giulietta and Philosophy Pure Grace) out on display. 

My bathroom accessories are basic stainless steel from Target. With all the bright colors I have going on in the shower curtain, art, and towels, I didn't want to overwhelm the space with stuff happening. That didn't stop me, however, from repurposing two burned-up Anthropologie candle jars: the orange one holds my cotton balls and the yellow one, my Q-tips. The honeysuckle candle, a Target find, smells fantastic, too!

And now onto the bedroom! It's tiny, but well worth its petite size because what I lack in room space, I make up for with a walk-in closet that's big enough to do yoga in. I'm not kidding. It makes my extensive wardrobe look small. For the sake of my clothes' privacy (HA), I'm going to refrain from photographing it, but trust me...if you ever venture over, you'll be forced to admire until you compliment it with appropriate effusiveness. 

My bedding is all Anthropologie, and was a splurge I would make again in a heartbeat because it is SO gorgeous in person, and such high quality. The Zigon Tilework quilt, euro shams, and bedskirt are made of the softest cotton, and the quilt is simultaneously incredibly lightweight and crazy-warm. I also added two Rivulets Shams in "green," which is more of a dark teal that matches beautifully with the bedding's color. And finally, I couldn't resist this precious pom-pom's delicate, but so fun. 

My lamp is a recent purchase from Target. We had intended the mercury-glass base and gilt-leaves shade to go on a coffee table out in my living room, but due to space and outlet constraints, I'm in the market for a floor lamp out there instead. The neutral tones work in a small room that could easily get overwhelmingly bright and zany, given my bedding. The little candle is a housewarming gift from friends Andrew and's Mandarin Mimosa scented, was made with love in Door County, WI, and I'm hooked. 

I don't have a ton of trinket-y things to decorate the tops of my dressers lovely ex-bedroommate was not a fan of clutter, and most of my tchotchkes were deemed too girly. That said, I've amassed a little collection on my small dresser that I'm very fond of. The Anthropologie vase matches my bedding like it was made to go with it, the "2011" frame holds a Kate Spade mailer insert (here's to creative decorating!), and the wood block painting was a gift from Kaitlin after her trip to Croatia. My "Goodnight" wire art was an Anthropologie purchase...although Em, my insanely talented sister, could probably have made it herself!


The Anthro Capri Blue candles are each a different scent, and each smells utterly lovely. Once they're burned down, I plan to repurpose them to hold something else. The nail-polish jar is an old cookie jar I inherited from my grandma--I stole the idea from Em, who keeps her nail polish and lipsticks in apothecary jars. 

To add a little fun to my basic-as-can-be Ikea Hemnes bedroom set, I've started switching out the knobs of my nightstand and dressers. Nobody will be shocked that they're from Anthropologie. As their knobs can be a bit of a splurge, I've gone bit by bit, but I love how unique they are and how such a small touch can be so impactful. 

Last but not least, I'm starting to collect pieces for what will eventually be a bedroom gallery wall. Here's the preview...and that's all you get for now, because it's a blog post and 101 in 1001 item waiting to be checked off! 

And there you have it, friends. I've had so much fun over the past month starting to make this little corner of Minneapolis my own, and I can only anticipate that the fun will continue as I add more Liztastic touches to my space. Hope you enjoyed--and if you're overwhelmed with burning desire to witness my decorating prowess in person, hit me up and I'll happily have you over for wine sometime!