Lately I'm Loving

Things making me smile/on my mind/causing distraction these days: 

--As a total bookworm, I always get excited when people talk about books, literacy, reading, et cetera in the media. This article in The Atlantic accordingly piqued my interest, claiming Millennials are out-reading older generations. The article went on, however, to explain that 88% of Americans under 30 stated they had read a book in the last year. Um, a book?! I read a book a least! So what does that make me? At any rate, I found the discussion of the waning of public libraries interesting.

--Since moving to Loring Park, I've been seeing a ton of this guy around. Odd, right? I was curious as to who he is, so I hopped on Google and searched "Minneapolis weird guy in white suit." Cue falling down the rabbit hole that is Scott Seekins, artist and local celebrity of sorts. He's got an obsession with Britney Spears, wears head-to-toe white all summer and black all winter, and is said to bring good luck to all who spot him in his daily ramblings. There's even a site to track spottings! Just one of the myriad reasons I love this crazy small town, big city. 

--My friend Kim sent me this Buzzfeed article about what happens when you reply to guys on Tinder exclusively in Taylor Swift lyrics. There's a long, convoluted backstory as to why I found this extra-funny, but it's worth checking out. She knew you were trouble when you walked in, and all. 

--As I've been furnishing my apartment, I'm looking all over the Cities for fun, feminine touches to make it really reflect me. I've hit up all my usual standards (Patina, Bibelot, Ampersand, and duh, Anthropologie), but headed to I Like You in Northeast after work the other day to snap up some of their adorable Twin Cities pint glasses. The store is uniformly precious and I want everything they sell. That's all. 

--I'm extra excited that it's Friday because one of my favorite people ever is en route to visit! Laura has been my unofficial "life coach" for years...since she's basically living my life two years before I do. We both studied in London, suffered in the Big 4, and found professional fulfillment after our exits from that world. We love Taylor Swift, musicals, brunch and the Backer. And I am OBSESSED with her adorable standard poodle, Fiona, who is without question the most intelligent and attractive dog in the world. This weekend, I've got a ton planned for us! I think we'll hit up Minnehaha Falls, check out the lakes, grab brunch somewhere on my list, and maybe take in a show at the Guthrie if time allows!