Making Moves: Bedroom/Bathroom

In thinking about my new little home over the past few months, the one thing that always came to mind was how excited I was to decorate it. And only one word kept buzzing around my head...I wanted this apartment to feel feminine. This is genuinely the first time I've ever lived entirely on my own and gotten to make every single decision, and I am relishing it. I've already had so much fun picking out tons of bright, girly, thoughtful touches, and I can't wait to get in the place and really make it a beautiful reflection of what I want.

One of the benefits of my little "division of assets" back in April is that I got to pick out all new bedding and bath "stuff!" Jon and I bought a king-size bed together last July, so I just reinvested in a crazy-soft, sleeping-on-an-angel-cloud pillow top queen mattress. To go with it, I needed bedding, and since this is my girly-girl emancipation, I decided to major-splurge on Anthropologie bedding. Once I settled on a quilt, my bedroom color scheme was decided: turquoise, coral, and a touch of cobalt blue and lavender. I can't wait to add in unique curtains, pretty candles, mismatched drawer pulls and maaaaybe a vintage marquee light...

As for my bathroom...I've always had a Parisian-y, black-and-white, pretty typical twenty-something girl bathroom. And I'm super, super bored of having my trash can say "Poubelle" in curly script. It's beyond time for an update, and in keeping with my "splurge now and love forever" plan, I started watching an Anthropologie shower curtain I loved wayyyy back in June. Imagine my delight when, in July, it plunged from $118 (WHOA) to $52. And I was like, you know what? I deserve this $52 shower curtain, damnit. So I bought it. Of course, the next day it dropped to $29.99. So I went back to Anthropologie and price-adjusted it, and now I have a gorgeous shower curtain. 

I'm upgrading my bathroom accessories to something sleek and clear and awesome, I think, and I'm obsessed with thick plushy towels, apothecary jars to store all my stuff, and pretty soaps and sponges. I'm also thinking the bathroom is going to be the perfect place to check off one of my 101 in 1001 goals to DIY a Pinterest project...stay tuned!

SO EXCITED, team. I can't wait to create my oasis...actual move-in tomorrow!