Off to Notre Dame...congrats, A&A!

Woo hoo, it's wedding weekend! 

Friends Andrew and Alyssa are tying the knot at my favorite place in the world in just two days! Andrew proposed to Alyssa in May of 2013 and ever since then, it's been a whirlwind of planning and excitement, not just for them but for all their Twin Cities friends as well. Both of them have made Minneapolis their adopted home...Andrew migrated up here after we both graduated for work, and he and I made plenty of mischief in our "freshman year of life." Alyssa followed him a year later after finishing her graduate program on the East Coast, and is now a librarian who also works in Saint Paul. They share an apartment with Sculpture Garden views and a sweet pup, Riley, and soon they'll share a last name!

We are all so excited that this wedding has (finally) arrived! I'll be offline for the weekend partaking in prosecco and Backer Long Islands, sharing time with friends, and celebrating these two! Here's to the happy couple...Marry Like a Champion Today, and of course, Go Irish!