Today marks the one-year anniversary of MinneapoLiz! 

Exactly a year ago I had brunch with Hannah and we talked about our lives and our dreams and all sorts of intense, heartfelt stuff, and I'm sure, knowing us, that we cried at some point a little bit. And I was so inspired and thought so many thoughts that I went right home and started a Squarespace free trial. 

Now, a year and over a hundred posts and five thousand pageviews later, I have readers. I have subscribers (?!!!!). I have a voice, an outlet, and a record. Usually, I'd demur here and say I don't want to toot my own horn...but today, screw it. I am insanely proud of this blog. I can't believe what I have accomplished, regardless of how frivolous it seems or how insignificant it is in the scheme of things. I've kept my voice open, honest, and me through a year that's been more tumultuous than I ever could have foreseen. I couldn't be more thrilled or happier that I made it to this milestone, and I am so satisfied with how hard I've worked and how much fun I've had doing this. 

Thank you, SO much, for reading, even just once, even for a moment. It's given me so much.

I'm so incandescently happy I think it needs to be a blog birthday instead of an anniversary. Happy birthday, dear little blog! I love you so much I personified you. Here's to many more!