A lovely little Tuesday playlist.

I'm alone at a client site wayyyyy out in the burbs today, and that, my friends, calls for a pretty epic playlist. For those who aren't aware, I currently work for a Big 4 public accounting firm as an auditor. This means, basically, that I rotate through a variety of clients over the course of the year working to validate the accuracy and presentation of financial information. Right up my alley, right?

Anyway, the rooms they stick us external auditors in are always a treat. Let's just say that in my 2 years here, I've worked in 2 total audit rooms that have a window. And I've worked on literally dozens of clients. This particular audit room is in the basement of my client's expansive main building, directly under the escalators. This provides a pleasant background chugging and squeaking all day, which unofficially mandates the use of headphones (or the willing sacrifice of sanity). 

Here's what I'm blasting today:  

 -"Team," Lorde (addicted to this girl's entire album. so different.)

-"It's My Part," Jonquil (Jon got me hooked on these guys last spring.)

-"MoneyGrabber," Fitz and the Tantrums (all of their stuff is divine and soo fun.) 

-"Cough Syrup," Young the Giant  (I first found this through the "Glee" cover. The original? So much better.)

-"Half About Being A Woman," Caroline Smith (this is EVERYTHING a slow, sexy jam should be...iffff you know what I mean.) 

-"Falling," Haim (a Kaitlin discovery. They have several other lovely ones as well.) 

-"Recover," CHVRCHES (just saw these guys at FreeFest in Baltimore. Amazing live!) 

-"Pusher Love Girl," Justin Timberlake (because a little JT makes every day better.) 

-"Little Numbers," BOY (another Jon share from last spring/summer that I'm loving.) 

-"Brand New Kind of Blue," Gold Motel (featuring Greta formerly of The Hush Sound.) 

-"Carried Away," Passion Pit (Target lovers will recognize this from recent commercials.) 

-"Running For Cover," Ivan and Alyosha (Lumineers-esque in all the right ways.) 

-"Live and Die," The Avett Brothers (This is currently Jon's and my sooong, guys.)

-"Primadonna," Marina and the Diamonds (sooo resonates with my inner spoiled brat.) 

-"Where You're Coming From," Matt & Kim (sort of a "fuck it, live life and have fun" jam.) 

-"Send Me on My Way," Rusted Root (yes, this is a car rental commercial song. No shame.) 


Now that you've survived more parenthetical interjections than any human should have to endure on Tuesday, go reward yourself with some ear candy. Bonus: it's 65 minutes--the perfect length (and dare I say, mix/mood) for a 60-minute workout and 5-minute cooldown. Happy jamming, campers.