My grown-up Christmas list

Not gonna lie…I am a huuuuuge sucker for presents. Giving and getting them! I adore wrapping paper, get warm fuzzies from shiny bows, and may or may not be guilty of Christmas shopping months in advance. This year, I was done and had all my presents wrapped by mid-November! 

I completely agonize over what to give others for Christmas. In my eyes, it's got to be heartfelt, tailored to the recipient, and out-of-the-box…no gift cards here (although I do love receiving them!). I'm actually really proud of how I did this year on my shopping! I think the gifts I picked out for my family, friends, and Jon are really creative and well-suited to each person. 

In shopping, I happened to do a lot of window-shopping for myself. If I had unlimited capital (not to mention storage space in my apartment), or if Santa Baby was so inclined…here's what would be on my list this year!

1. J.Crew Pavé Link Bracelet

I think this is so pretty! Just the right amount of sparkly and fun, while still classic enough to wear to work. 

2. Kate Spade Mini Bow Ring

Almost anyone who knows anything about me knows I adore bows. To the point where I tied hair ribbons on my ponytails most of the way through college (and still do when I go back to football games). This is a more adult take on my very favorite accessory. 

3. Anthropologie Boulangerie Candle

The Vanilla-Cinnamon scent is literally olfactory crack. Every time I go to Anthro (and it's been more frequent than I'd be okay admitting, lately…), I sniff this until I'm pretty sure the staff think I'm a bit unhinged. 

4. Pottery Barn Jewelry Box

I was trying to find a necklace to wear to church this week, and literally every single necklace in my jewelry box was knotted together. I'm dreading untangling them. This pretty leather box is much roomier, with separate compartments…and would look so nice on my dresser. 

5. Rifle Paper Co Notes

As convenient as email, Facebook and texting are, there's just nothing quite as lovely as receiving a handwritten note in the mail…and with notecards as cute as these, what better incentive to write lots of letters?

6. Lollia lotion, Bubble Bath and Perfume in Breathe: 

According to the website, this scent features "a floral heart of ruffled Peony and White Lily with sheer hints of fresh Grapefruit and Orange. A fresh air impression infused with leafy green notes surrounded by a hint of cool, mossy forest paths." Sign me up!

7. Paper-Source custom stamp

To go with my goal to send more personal notes. I think this is the cutest idea, and so convenient!

8. Madewell "Ex-Boyfriend" Flannel Shirt

Could anything be cozier than a flannel? I'm obsessed with Madewell's new take on the classic boyfriend shirt…a little more feminine, a little more fitted, but just as comfy-cozy as if it was actually stolen from a boyfriend's closet. 

9. Deborah Lippmann Glitter Nail Polish

I've recently gotten obsessed with painting my nails, and I love this incredibly crazy, over-the-top sparkly "Happy Birthday" polish. 

10. Target Threshold "Cheers" highball, tumbler, and pilsener glasses: 

We have a cute bar cart sitting in the corner of our living room that's currently home to a motley assortment of stolen pint glasses and cheap Ikea champagne flutes, along with a few cute cocktail plates and shot glasses. These festive and fun glasses would definitely kick it up a notch!


So there you have it. Stocking stuffers and pretty little presents that I'd love to unwrap this year! Please send any additional ideas or suggestions my way, and make sure you CC Mr. C up at the North Pole for good measure ;)