Guilty Little Pleasures

I'm home alone today--Jon has gone home for a quick overnight visit, and left really early this morning. My day was busy with brunch (see previous post), but this late afternoon and evening have been soooo indulgent with all my old single-girl guilty pleasures. So that naturally got me thinking about these cheap, cheesy little things I so enjoy...

-Television: Right now, "Scandal" is the currently-airing show I adore, but I am a HUGE sucker for the "Bachelor/ette" franchise. Disgusting, right? Addicted. I'm also finding myself way more motivated to work out if I know I can watch "Gossip Girl" like a crazy person on my iPad...and of course I'll never channel-flip if "Say Yes to the Dress" is on! 

-Movies: No judgment...MaryKate and Ashley movies. You cannot...CANNOT...go wrong. "Holiday in the Sun" and "Winning London" for LIFE, people. Although any Meg Ryan movie ("When Harry Met Sally," "Sleepless in Seattle," "You've Got Mail") will forever have my heart.  

-Music: Mid-90's cheese a la "Breakfast at Tiffany's," "The Middle," "You Get What You Give." Or top 20. Somewhat out of character because I actually think I have pretty solid taste in music... 

-Internet reading material: Um, anyone else addicted to Mormon mommy blogs? I blame my sister for introducing me to Rockstar Diaries in 2012. Now I have a rotation of about 10 I check out every day. I'm also way unhealthily hooked on wedding blogs. Weddingbee, Style Me Pretty, etc. Major eye candy, superficial and completely not my life right now. Great escapist reading! 

-Foods: Savory is Kraft boxed mac and cheese. Sweet is Graeter's Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip ice cream. Kill me. Then go buy yourself a pint. You'll bring me back just to thank me later.  

-Habits: reading in bed. Writing in bed. Doing pretty much everything in bed. Wearing pajamas way past the time it is socially acceptable to still be in pajamas. Leaving my laundry everywhere  and not even caring. Turning the heat up way too high because I am allllwayyys cold. 

-Miscellaneous: Candy Crush. Omg. Level 109, go die.   Cosmopolitan magazine, you are so trashy I'm embarrassed to love you, but I still spend $$ on the latest copy every time I fly. Essie nail polish, if you stopped looking so cute on the shelves at Target, maybe I wouldn't be compelled to buy at least one new color a month. Online shopping is officially now the reason I am broke and I blame J.Crew 100%. 


What are your guilty pleasures/secret habits?