Things that are making my life these days.

Just a quick little list of the things that are making me joyful:  


1. The prospect of a bright, shiny, happy professional future that I am so excited about.  

2. A delightful boyfriend who greeted me with prosecco and a hilarious card upon my return home tonight.  

3. Two friends who are engaged...and for whom we are throwing a hilariously ironic informal engagement party tomorrow! 

4. Kate Middleton. Specifically, Kate Middleton being her typical perfect flawless self at Prince George's christening today. Geez woman.  

5. Cuddling sweet brand-new baby Kate, my cousin's fourth child, yesterday. Nothing better than a precious snuggly little one to brighten a day.  

6. Great food for the past few days: Cossetta's manicotti for lunch yesterday, Rojo quesadillas and margs last night, and homemade chicken korma and naan for dinner tonight. Yumyumyum.  

7. Wonderful jokes and bonding with my two co-seniors, who I am really enjoying having around these days.  

8. Getting off the hook for laundry this week--Jon did it for me today :) 

9. A wonderful experience at a new book club this Monday--my BFW (best friend from work) Hannah invited me. Review of "Orange is the New Black" forthcoming. Great experience and hilarious, fun and different new girls to befriend.  

10. Heart-to-hearts with my parents. Really, could anyone be more fortunate than me to have such unbelievably supportive and caring people in their life? 


Feeling all glowy and happy today. :)