off to Chicago + ear candy of the day.

Funny that the day after I start a Minneapolis blog, I jet off to another city...headed to the Windy City('s suburbs) for training for the bulk of this week. Should be a nice change of pace; planning on low productivity and maximum absorption of critical property-casualty insurance concepts. You know you're jealous.  

In the meantime, my best friend who has way better and edgier taste in music than me turned me on to Bastille a few weeks ago on a visit to see her in Baltimore, and, of course, she's proven to be ahead of the curve again. Their first single, "Pompeii," is just starting to hit Cities 97 and I am reveling in that too-cool-for-school "Oh, Bastille? Yeah, I've known about them for a while" thing these days. Take a's so catchy.