Molly the Goldendoodle

Warning: cute puppy overload ahead. 

World, meet Molly the goldendoodle. 

Molly is Kelsie's grandparents' dog, although in my mind she belongs to Kelsie and, by extension, to me. Molly is an 8-week old, 3-pound bundle of utter adorableness, and Kels "borrowed" her for the day to take on a walk and fulfill all my cuddly-puppy cravings. 

It took us over an hour to go maybe half a mile at Lake Harriet yesterday, for a multitude of cute-puppy reasons. First, this was Molly's first big walk, and we think she was incredibly overstimulated by...everything. Every leaf, sewer grate, crack in the sidewalk, and twig was worth say nothing of the dozens of bikes, children, runners, and other dogs she had to sniff out. We'd go about ten yards, then she'd stop and wait for adoration from passers-by. Which she got, like, EVERY TIME. 

"How old is she? What kind of dog? Will she get big? OMG LOOK AT THE PUPPY." 

We were in heaven. She'd take her adulation, then try to follow whoever had been petting her as they walked the wrong way away from us. Then she'd stop a minute, then sprint another ten yards or so. Needless to say, it was an adventure. 

Eventually, she just completely gave up and collapsed into the cutest puddle of fur in the biggest pile of leaves. And she rolled around and just laid there and was essentially like, "Girls, I'm done. Please ensure I continue to receive a ton of attention and pets without having to walk another step." 

So we took our sweet time heading back to Kels's car, and did the only logical thing...headed to a brewery with a tired, cuddly puppy to enjoy a beer. 

As at Lake Harriet, Molly was the most popular attraction at the Indeed patio for a solid hour-plus. She was cuddled. She was petted. She was cooed over and adored by generally everyone who entered the brewery or passed our corner table. 

She also made friends of the four-legged variety (while being cuddled by Matt, who ran over to join us the second he saw my obscenely cute Snapchat story featuring Molly taking on Lake Harriet). 

Eventually, it was all just too much and little pup needed a nap. So I cuddled her and listened to puppy snores and generally went to heaven. LOOK AT THAT PUPPY FACE. Excuse me while I go make silly cooing noises in the corner for at least six minutes. 

All in all, a generally perfect Sunday Funday. And now I want a goldendoodle puppy of my own...although I think I'll be vicariously living through Molly field trips for a long, long while!