101 in 1001 #5: Visit a new country.

I'm sitting at my parents' kitchen counter working remotely for the morning before heading to MSP to board a plane...I'm headed off to Canada this afternoon!  Work is sending me to Toronto for the week to run some trainings, administer some policies, and do some review work. My boss and I leave in just a few hours, and I'm actually really looking forward to getting to see this pretty city: 

Wooo!! Canada! I frankly am a little surprised I haven't made it to Canada before this...after all, a lot of people I know think Minnesota is practically Canada, and I have a Canadian aunt and uncle, too. That said, I've never actually crossed the northern border, so I'm looking forward to experiencing the country to the north. 

My knowledge of Canada centers primarily around my dad and brother's fishing trips every summer, the Royal Tour that Kate Middleton and Prince William took after their wedding in 2011, and the Vancouver Olympics (which I was obsessed with). I know next to nothing about Toronto, where we're headed, except that it's incredibly cosmopolitan and international, and supposedly has a great food and social scene. 

Hopefully we'll be able to get out a bit at night and check things out...either way, I'm excited to watch my Minnesota accent get worse, eat some poutine, and seek out any and every Quebecoise I can find to practice my French on. 

I'm sure I'll have fun updates over the course of the week, and there's plenty more to share this week...weddings, theater, a killer surprise party and some more 101 in 1001 to check off! Have a great week--happy Monday, campers!