Making Moves: Moving Day!

It's here, it's here, it's here!! It's time to move my butt back downtown!

The U-Haul is being loaded this afternoon with the last big pieces of furniture. The apartment has been power-scrubbed by my magnificent mother. My heart and toes are doing happy fluttery dances. 

I am going to miss: 

-Mom packing my lunches so I can sleep ten extra minutes in the mornings

-coming home and getting to tell my parents all about my day

-so. many. cable. channels. 

-not doing my own laundry (yes, I had it goooood this summer)

-being five minutes from BFF Kels for epic shenanigans

I am so excited for: 

-cutting my commute to and from work in half

-decorating a space that's all my own for the first time EVER

-restaurants, theaters, parks, and museums at my fingertips

-a gym right in the building again (goodbye, gym membership expense!)

-being able to stay out late and not having to worry about driving half an hour home after

Last night, we were over at the new place unpacking dishes and kitchen stuff, and all of a sudden my mom looked out the window and saw this: 

When I was driving over to this building to tour it for the very first time, just as I rounded the corner to the front of the building my favorite song in the world came on the radio...a song that I've intentionally used to benchmark major moments in life. To have that come on randomly, unexpectedly, just as I was getting ready to get out of my car and walk into the building, struck me as providential. And because I'm incredibly superstitious and believe in signs, I interpreted that gorgeous rainbow last night to be one more sign that this is the exactly-right next step for me. 

Goodbye suburbia, hello Minneapolis. It may be patchy for a few days here until I get internet set up at the Chateau de Liz, but there will almost certainly be updates and snippets on Twitter (@MissSchweg) and Instagram (MissSchweg)!