My first 101 in 1001 officially ended on my 28th birthday, 2/11/17, and while I only got through a little over half my list, it was such a fun experiment that I decided I had to make another one! I gained so much from my first 101 in 1001 and had experiences I would never have otherwise embraced...becoming obsessed with opera and sneaking off to Mexico with Kelsie, mentoring at work and falling in love with Rent the Runway, wine-tasting my way through Napa Valley and diving into philanthropy. The last 1001 days were so much richer as a result of that list, and I'm so excited for the next 1001 to be even better!

My second list countdown officially starts today, 2/13/17, and ends, serendipitously, on 11/11/2019. With my well-documented love of 11/11, I think that timing is pretty flipping perfect. While some items are carry-overs from my first list that I just didn't want to give up on, the vast majority are all new adventures that I can't wait to have. Without further ado, here's my second 101 in 1001...let me know if you want to join me! 

START DATE: February 13, 2017

END DATE: November 11, 2019





1. Go to Mardi Gras.

2. Visit a new state: completed June 2017!

3. Visit a new country.

4. Take a ski trip: completed December 2017!

5. See a Broadway show...on Broadway: completed 10/20/17!

6. See Mount Rushmore: completed 6/5/17!

7. Go to New York to see an opera at the Met: completed 2/17/18!

8. Take a girls' trip: completed June 2017!

9. Plan a trip to the UK for my family.

10. Go back to Mexico with Kelsie.

11. See the Ring Cycle at the San Francisco Opera

12. Visit both my siblings.

13. See a Notre Dame away game.

14. Send postcards from a vacation.

15. Visit a national park: completed June 6, 2017!


16. Try paddleboarding. 

17. Actually religiously follow the 21-Day Fix for 21 days.

18. Take a Pilates class: Completed September 2017!

19. Try out Class Pass.

20. Reach a healthy BMI. 

21. Run a 5k that benefits a charity. 

22. Go on a day trip…on bikes.

23. Keep a gratitude journal for a season.

24. Invest in prescription sunglasses.

25. Figure out a vitamin/supplement regimen - and stick to it. 

26. Take a barre class.

27. Do another Whole30.

28. Join a yoga studio: Completed September 2017!

29. Try out dry brushing for a month.


30. Hardcore clean out my wardrobe. 

31. Invest in the perfect navy blazer. 

32. Wear lipstick every day for a week.

33. Buy a quality piece of heirloom jewelry.

34. Try a foot peel: completed 3/18/17!

35. Get a facial.

36. Find the perfect trench coat.

37. Buy a pair of rain boots.


38. Double my savings.

39. Put $20 in savings for every item completed.

40. Rehab my computer.

41. Plan an event for my board: completed Feb-March 2017! 

42. Subscribe to a podcast: completed October 2017!

43. Unsubscribe from junk emails: completed 2/21/17! 

44. Keep a "money diary" tracking every penny I spend for two weeks.

45. Upgrade my iPhone 5 to a newer model: completed 3/5/17!

46. Consolidate my retirement accounts. 


47. Join the bone marrow registry: completed October 2017!

48. Join the Corby Society.

49. Attend a benefit.

50. Volunteer with the Page Foundation.

51. Join a Bay Area board or arts-related/philanthropic program.

52. Get more involved in the United Way: completed 4/5/17!

53. Donate blood.

54. Participate in my company's Habitat for Humanity day. 


Domestic Goddess

55. Make sushi from scratch.

56. Try to grow an herb garden: completed summer 2017!

57. Make homemade pasta: completed 12/2/17!

58. Learn to make the perfect risotto. 

59. Make macarons.

60. Start using a French press for coffee.

61. Figure out how to actually clean the oven, the Keurig, and the dishwasher.

62. Have a quilt made from my ND t-shirts.

63. Figure out how to fold fitted sheets: completed October 2017!

64. Have the rest of my art framed and add it to my gallery wall.

Personal Development/Growth

65. Learn calligraphy: completed 4/12/17!

66. Learn to tie a tie.

67. Invest in a high-quality camera.

68. Take a photography class.

69. Join the Alliance Francaise.

70. Blog every item as I complete it.

71. Make a new list after the 1001 days have passed.

72. Read "Candide" in French.

73. Have our family's piano tuned.

74. Make a list of friends' birthdays and addresses…and use it to send cards.

Just for Fun

75. Go skinny-dipping.

76. Treat myself to a spa day.

77. Go to a country concert with my dad.

78. Send a care package: completed 3/20/18!

79. Try a bourbon/whiskey tasting: completed 4/2/17! 

80. Upgrade my luggage.

81. Try the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge.

82. Go mini-golfing.

83. Purchase and use up personalized stationery.

84. See a comedy or improv show: completed September 2017!

85. See "Hamilton" again: completed 4/15/17!

86. See a ballet: Completed April 2018!

87. See every Oscar Best Picture Nominee for an awards season.


88. Go to Northern Spark

89. Try 5 new restaurants in the Twin Cities: completed 5/4/17! 

90. Go snow-shoeing.

91. Visit Itasca State Park.

92. Visit a new-to-me museum.

93. Join the Basilica.

94. Visit Duluth. 

95. Go ice-skating.

96. Hike a Minnesota trail.

97. Take a Paisley Park tour (and have Prince pancakes for breakfast!). 

98. See a concert at First Ave.

99. Go to a Vikings game.

100. Try out the Minnesota Wine Passport.

101. Visit the James J Hill House.