It's official. Brunch is big, and captures the yuppie, Millennial zeitgeist of this phase of life in a particularly delicious, appropriate manner. (Use of the word "zeitgeist" alone might capture it. Yikes, pretentious snob over here much?) In my eyes, one of the best possible ways to spend a morning includes booze, a patio, breakfast, and best friends. Brunch manages to feel both uniquely civilized and hedonistic...nothing like a socially-acceptable excuse to get buzzed before noon.

With my newfound passion for the lunch-breakfast lovechild, I spent a little time bonding with the Google and discovered that, apparently, the Twin Cities and surrounding area are a top-five brunch zone for the US! 

courtesy of Huffington Post, via Yelp

courtesy of Huffington Post, via Yelp

How could this fail to spur on my wild and crazy love and appreciation for the not-a-morning-person's breakfast? I immediately started Googling, Open Tabling, and Heavy Tabling like a fiend. Anywhere that was called out as brunch-worthy was scrawled on a legal pad. I started with old standards and places I'd been before, but the list quickly ballooned to include a hundred diners, cafes, restaurants and grills. Yikes. Bring on the Bellinis. 

My (hugely ambitious, utterly frivolous, likely unachievable) goal/plan/idea is to try to visit as many of these hotspots and classic favorites as possible, chronicling each for your enjoyment and gastronomic temptation here. Here's to many, many Sundays of madcap mimosa magic. (If that alliteration didn't make you want to be my best friend, nothing will.)

Care to join me? Have any suggestions? Notice any glaring omissions? Let me know!


3 Squares

4 Bells--visited 5/8/16. Review here.

Al Vento--visited 3/30/14. Review here.

Al's Breakfast

Amoré Uptown

Amsterdam Bar--visited 2/28/16. Review here.

Aster Café--visited 9/20/15. Review here.

Bachelor Farmer Café--visited 2/26/16. Review here

The Bad Waitress

Barbette--visited 6/7/15. Review here

Betty Danger's Country Club

Birchwood Café

Black Coffee & Waffle Bar--visited 5/17/15. Review here


Bon Vie

Boneyard Kitchen & Bar (CLOSED)--visited 6/28/14. Review here.

Bradstreet Crafthouse

Bryant-Lake Bowl--visited 7/5/14. Review here.


Butter Bakery

The Buttered Tin

Café Maude

Colossal Café

Common Roots

Cook St. Paul

Copper Hen Cakery and Kitchen--visited 8/3/14. Review here.


Devil's Advocate

Eastside--Visited 2/12/17.

Eggy's Diner

Eat Street Social

Edina Grill--visited 6/14/14. Review here

The Freehouse--visited 9/13/15. Review here.

French Meadow--visited 4/5/14. Review here

Good Day Café--visited 12/28/13. Review here.

Good Earth Edina--visited 11/22/14. Review here.

Grand Café

Grandview Grill


The Happy Gnome

Harriet Brasserie--visited 4/5/15. Review here.

Haute Dish--visited 2/28/15. Review here

Hazel's Northeast

Hell's Kitchen--visited 12/12/15. Review here.

Hen House Eatery

Hi-Lo Diner--visited 5/6/16.

Highland Grill--visited 3/22/15. Review here

Hola Arepa--visited 2/7/16. Review here.

Hot Plate


Ideal Diner

Ike's--visited 2/21/16. Review here.

The Kenwood

Keys Café



Libertine--visited 9/13/14. Review here.

Longfellow Grill

Loring Kitchen & Bar (CLOSED)--visited 10/27/13. Review here.

Louie's Wine Dive (CLOSED)--visited 1/1/15. Review here.

The Lowbrow

The Lowry--visited 3/16/14. Review here

Lucia's--visited 7/26/15. Review here.



Mickey's Diner

The Mill Northeast

Mill Valley Kitchen

Modern Times Café

Moose & Sadie's--visited 7/10/16. Review Here.

Muddy Waters


Nicollet Island Inn


Patisserie 46

Patrick's--visited 12/7/14. Review here.

Pat's Tap

Pizza Luce

Psycho Suzi's

The Red Cow--visited 8/22/15. Review here.

Red Stag Supper Club


Saint Dinette

Saint Genevieve--visited 11/29/16.

Salut--visited 3/8/14. Review here.

The Sample Room

The Smack Shack

Spill the Wine (CLOSED)--visited 8/16/14. Review here.

Spoon & Stable--visited 2/5/16, 3/27/16, 4/17/16, 7/24/16.


The St. Paul Grill--visited 4/27/14. Review here

Sun Street Breads--visited 8/30/15. Review here.

The Third Bird


Tongue in Cheek

Union Rooftop--visited 4/26/15. Review here

Urban Eatery

Victor's 1959

Victory 44

Wise Acre Eatery

World Street Kitchen

Zumbro Café