101 in 1001 #34: Try a foot peel.

Gang, this was so satisfying and so gross and so generally "out there" that I debated even wanting to share it BUT! I genuinely feel like it's a public service to evangelize for a minute here. 

I'm terrible about pedicures. I generally only get them in the summer, when I'm, you know, strolling around barefoot or in sandals or whatever and everyone has to look at my feet. Feet are gross, and I don't generally love letting people look at mine...let alone touch them. I always feel kind of guilty when I go in for a pedicure and it's like, "Hey, here are my feet that have been shoved in shoes and walked/run on all day and are now going to be in your face for the next hour." 

Anyway, I got a pedicure for the first time since August before my family's trip to Miami and Puerto Rico, and it was stressful and not pretty on a lot of levels. I left the salon and ended up randomly Googling "pedicure fixes," and stumbled on Baby Foot. It's this crazy cult beauty phenomenon, apparently - a literal chemical peel for your feet. After reading way too many reviews on Amazon and various beauty blogs, and clicking through dozens of equal-parts horrifying and gratifying before and after photos, I was sold. I was going to try a foot peel. 


Per the website, Baby Foot is "an innovative foot care product that will make your feet as smooth and soft as a baby's foot." The formula is supposedly all natural, based entirely on natural fruit enzymes, and works within ten days to make you shed dead skin and legit peel your feet down to smooth perfection. 

I ordered it in early March, and waited until after St. Patrick's Day to do it. With a bit of apprehension, I soaked my feet for awhile beforehand, then booted up and covered up with my very sexiest fuzzy granny socks for the requisite hour. 

You KNOW you've never seen anything more appealing than that, come on. Really pleased I've made the decision to share that with the world. 

While there are hundreds of photos of the process on the internet, I'm 100% not subjecting people to the process on MY feet. I didn't take a single picture, because, like I said, it's a bit repellent and a bit horrifying. You can Google it if you just NEED to see pictures of the process. That said, I started peeling in about four days, and was done in about eight. In that four-day window, though, I only had about one or two days of really massive peeling. I think this is mostly because I made a point of soaking and scrubbing my feet daily once the peel started working...it seemed to accelerate the process quite a bit. 

Now, ten days out from the initial application, I will say that I've noticed my feet are super smooth and in way better shape than they've been for a long time. Are they baby-soft? No, but honestly that's probably a good thing...I have noticed a few spots that are a little irritated and blister-prone in my gym shoes now, and any more peeling/exfoliation would probably have made that worse. 

Looking forward to sandal season! If you're feeling crazy, pick up your own foot peel here. Or, if this is just too out there for you, head to my 101 in 1001 and tell me what I should do next instead of grossing you all out - ha! 

watch this/see this

Two new obsessions lately: 

Of course I'm utterly fixated on "Beauty and the Beast." When I was little, in my mind, I was Belle. No ifs, ands, or buts. She had brown hair in a ponytail, just like me. She loved to read, just like me. She fell in love with a guy when he gave her a library, even though he was kinda hairy and had bad manners. I mean...what's not to love?

It's actually a secret fantasy of mine that someday, someone will love me enough to give me a library...one of the reasons I fell hard for my ex is that he bought me books instead of flowers. UM HI. 

Needless to say, I've already seen Disney's new live-action "Beauty and the Beast" twice in theaters, with a possible third in the works if I can't stop looping the soundtrack constantly. It's a visual masterpiece the likes of which I haven't seen forever...the special effects and digital work are both unbelievable, the costumes are stunning, and the sets couldn't be prettier. The subtle nods to rococo French culture and the original "La belle et la bete" were tiny delights the whole way through. Even the cast hit it home for me...while nobody will go on to win Tonys for their vocal work, they do a completely decent job with some of my favorite music ever, and the new songs, penned by Alan Menken, enhance the score. 

After I saw it Saturday, I downloaded the animated classic via iTunes, and it came with some fantastic extras - including a 20-minute short documentary featuring my future bestie Lin-Manuel Miranda, the writing team behind "Frozen," and Stephen Schwartz of "Wicked" fame. They all group up around a piano and chat with Alan Menken about how awesome Disney music is, and it killed me dead. So enlightening to hear luminaries completely freaking out like children over how amazing it is to work with Disney...I loved it. 

Completely hooked...won't you be my guest and join me so I have an excuse to see it again?! 

On TV, I'm newly hooked on HBO's mini-series adaptation of Liane Moriarty's "Big Little Lies." Starring Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, and Shailene Woodley as moms in Monterey, CA, struggling with marriage drama and children starting school, it's a riveting take on a book I've read several times and enjoyed. The show opens with a murder, but the audience has no idea who is dead or who is the perpetrator...and each hour ticks closer to unraveling what actually happened at the school benefit. 

While Reese is and will always be my fave, Nicole Kidman steals the show as a wealthy, beautiful wife dealing with a dark and twisty marriage. Her performance is subtle and moving, and is tempered by Reese's more bubbly, Tracy Flick-esque take on modern motherhood. 

Add to that the fact that the show is just gorgeous (THOSE HOUSES AHHH), and I'm hooked. It airs Sundays at 8 Central, and there are two episodes left...anyone else watching? 

Speaking of things I'm watching, I need book recommendations...in a total rut lately. Send a few my way!

Take a break.

"...run away with us for the summer, let's go upstate!" While I may be channeling my inner Schuyler Sister with this title, it's mostly just to segue into the fact that I've been on a bit of a break from the blog and a lot of other aspects of normal-person life, like sleeping, for instance. 

There's a lot going on currently - I've done the classic Lizzie thing where I stack several dozen things on my plate all at once, and generally pretend I have it all together. While this always results in a ton of fun/great memories/general adventures, it also means I push things like writing to the wayside. 

Things I've been up to in between/as part of the craziness: 

Cat came to visit! We had a blast catching up, hanging out with bandies and exploring Minneapolis (mostly its bar scene!). 

Michael experienced his first Guthrie play, Kaufman and Ferber's "The Royal Family," and took a peek at the Endless Bridge despite the frigid winds. 

Kelsie's birthday shenanigans started with happy hour and creme brulee at The Happy Gnome...

...and continued last weekend with a hilarious evening at Rival House!

I celebrated St. Patrick's Day...HARD. Stories of shenanigans to follow at some point. 

Hal, Nicholas, and I grabbed pastries and drinks at Spoon and Stable last weekend - so delicious as always. 

These two have been my go-to buddies for the last several weeks - they're the best stress relief. Recently, we've tried out the newly-reopened Lexington, saw "Beauty and the Beast," hit up the Parade of Homes, and spent a hilarious morning playing old-school arcade games. They're my utter favorites. 

More regular posting to come soon...in the meantime, cross your fingers and send some positive thoughts my way in hopes that everything I'm juggling stays smoothly airborne! 

101 in 1001 #45: Upgrade my iPhone 5 to a newer model.

I've been limping my 3.5-year old iPhone 5 along for...well, the last 3.5 years, and it was finally time for a change. After countless "Storage Nearly Full" alerts, random power-downs causing me to oversleep (despite a full charge), and the traumatic lack of the most current emojis thanks to the lack of upgrade space, I have officially joined the ranks of the latest and greatest. I have an iPhone 7. 


You guys, I am so excited about this. It's got 32gb of space for downloading 10-hour Spotify playlists and taking way too many pictures for this blog. It's shiny and clean and has a fingerprint recognizer that actually works. Yeah, it's a bit big for my Donald Trump-sized tiny hands, but I'll get used to it. 

My mom, dad, and I went to Target on Sunday and did a series of phone swaps...I upgraded my 5 to a 7, Jodester upgraded her 6s to a 7, and my dad adopted my mom's rose gold 6s...with a case to cover the pink. We proceeded to spend the rest of the night not talking as we all messed with our respective new tech, and it was wonderful. 

With a super cute Wit & Delight phone case in tow (the portable battery charger included says "Swipe Right," hi duh that's funny), I'm ready to go - lots of storage, lightning-fast load times, and general extra-functionality for the win. Now if only I could fit it in my pocket...

For more of my second 101 in 1001, head here. Lots to check off! 

Inventory: (wishfully early) Spring 2017


Making: endless lists...logistics, meal planning, future dreams, and spring clothing.

Cooking: tonight, this chicken and autumn vegetable sheet pan bake. Hopping back on the Whole30 train (mostly) after a weekend of debauchery and ALL THE CHAMPAGNE. 

Drinking: vanilla almond "Get Clean" tea from the Republic of Tea. Obsessed. 

Reading: “Catcher in the Rye," finally! 

Wanting: movement on certain fronts that are stalling out kind of frustratingly. 

Looking: for opportunities around every corner.

Playing: "Dear Evan Hansen," the "La La Land" instrumental soundtrack, and Mendelssohn's Scottish Symphony interchangeably all the time. 

Listening: See above. 

Wishing: that moving wasn't such a drag (our lease is up 5/31 and I'm already dreading it!).

Enjoying: weekly lake walks and brewery dates with Kelsie.  

Waiting: for April the Giraffe to have her baby (omg I'm so embarrassed that I got sucked into this circus). 

Liking: the week I have shaping up - two Guthries, a concert, and the opera! 

Wondering: when the heck I'm going to, you know, sleep this week. 

Hoping: for lots and lots of good news, and that the gym isn't crowded at lunch.

Marveling: at the springlike forecast we've got coming in Minneapolis, awww yissss.  

Needing: to not eat the whole box of Thin Mints I bought yesterday in one sitting...wish me luck!

Smelling: the lovely odor of heavy-duty Eucerin hand cream, delish.

Wearing: the world's most perfect $25 black ankle pants (thanks Old Navy!)

Following: Gavin Kaysen's new restaurant, Bellecour, on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter - so excited for our 3/31 and 4/29 reservations! 

Noticing: how much bigger an iPhone 7 is than a 5s and struggling with that adjustment (new phone, finally, hooray!).

Knowing: how lucky we are to be alive right now (SHAMELESS HAMILTON REFERENCE). 

Thinking: about the future ooh OOOH.

Bookmarking: flights to the West Coast in June (so excited for Theresa's wedding!).

Giggling: at Emily's Napa photos, which she finally shared yesterday.

Feeling: incredibly excited and optimistic and hopeful, and that's just lovely :)